Service packages and station types

Service packages and station types

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You choose 3 Packages. There are three different service packages. The following table provides an overview of the features included. One customer can operate more stations with differenbt packages.

In the basic and the plus package is the station technich not implemented ind the monthly fee, it has to be purchased once.  

feature basic-pakage plus-pakage complete-service-pakage
operation of portal
provision of data per station
M2M-data rate GPRS not included
Remote terminal unit
(incl. Wartung und Softwarepflege)
one-time investment einmalige Investition
mounting one-time investment einmalige Investition
insurance nicht enthalten not included
term mind. 24 Monate minimum 24 months 60 Monate fix


SCADA.web basic-package

In the basic-package is the running of the monitoring portal SCADA.web. It also supplys the transfered Data, from the Stations into the Portal. The stations technic and the DataCard for the M2M-Comunucation between the station outside and the SCADA.web Server has to be bought by the consumer.


SCADA.web plus-package

The plus-package contains additional to the baisc-package the M2M-Kommunication between the station outside and the server. This means that the end user does not have to worry about the data card.

Additional services for you: The procurement and provision of data card as well as the monthly communication costs are already available in the Plus package. At appointment of the Plus Package all the required steps will be initiated by HST

HST is solution partner of the the Telekom Deutschland GmbH and application provider. This enables us to offer the M2M-Communication in the package. The customer don't have to have an contractual obligation with the Telekom.

The technic of the station has to be purchased at once by the customer.


SCADA.web complete-service-package

The complete-service-package contains additional to the the contents of the plus-package the station technic based on HST TeleMatic SMART200 and the mounting and commissioning of the station technic. Likewise, maintenance and software maintenance (station technology) as well as insurance against such. Includes surge, fire, theft, vandalism in the package are included. All costs are included in the monthly user fee. There are no hidden costs.


station types

For ease of handling four station types were defined on the basis of HST Telematic. The station types differ in the type and number of inputs and outputs, as shown in the table below. The stations made by HST Telematic are from the type SMART-200 with a license SMART-200/SW-Eco, GPR-Modem, Antenna, UPS, assembly housing and an assembly housing with a terminal block.


type DE 1 DA 2 AE 3 AA 4
  4 1 1 -
  8 3 4 -
  16 7 4 4
  32 15 8 4



1 digital inputs 24 V, as an impulse input / Counter usable
2 digital outputs 24 V
3 analog outputs 0...20 mA
4 analog outputs 0...20 mA

PrIn principle , any station technology which provides an OPC server (OPC DA 2.0; can be installed in the control panel) is supported. Via this OPC-interface carried the coupling to SCADA.web. For technical questions please contact us.