SCADA.web offers many technical and business advantages:

  • cost-saving and easy to obtain
  • reliable, simple and intuitive to use
  • almost at anytime and everywhere available
  • economic monitoring of smallest facilities



Benefit aspects

Business management benefits: Technical benefit
  • cost savings through:  
    • Reports via button
    • effective operation of the facilities
    • purchase of a data center eliminates
    • Saving travel time of employees to facilities
  • legally compliant reports at any time
  • more effective applications of employees
  • Documenting plant conditions without assigning staff on site
  • reliable detection of operating hours
  • secure alarm malfunctions
  • reports via button
  • complete system overview at any time
  • easy to use
  • ensure operational safety at every time
  • saving travel time to plant


Advantages for facility engineers

HST as a reliable partner for your portal solution

You are a plant manufacturer and would like to offer a private service portal for your customers? Then use SCADA.web and benefit from it.


We offer you:

  • Extension of your own service offerings
  • Use as a separate service portal ("White Label")
  • attractive commission scheme
  • participation in the monthly usage fee
  • inexpensive monitoring of small plants
  • various service packages
  • easy commissioning (plug & play)

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